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What you'll find within our door...

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We are a small congregation, currently about 40 members still solidly holding to biblical principles.

The Church was established in 1950 when this area was a booming middle-class neighborhood. Today the demographics have changed, and we are now in the heart of a community in need. Many struggling single parent households blend with the aging population in nearby homes and trailer parks. After years with part-time pastors, we are currently searching for a 'like-minded' full time pastor, with outreach skills to expand our ministries. Come join us in the adventure!

Don't define us be looks or age!

We are 'seasoned' servants inviting others to stand with us in ministry!


Not everyone is comfortable with homeless outreach and we knew some people may not share this vision but we made a conscious decision that outreach ministry was this church's calling and we actively pursue that. 

We may be small in number but we don't let any challenge stop His ministry.

Come on in......  

.....find a seat


Sit alone if you choose and just let His presence minister to you through the message preached and the people surrounding you.

We look forward to meeting you!

You may find yourself next to one of our longstanding members. Ask them about what they've seen Jesus provide over the years. Maybe you'll see someone on the outskirts. Sit beside them and let them tell you what brought them there.


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